Although kayaks come in all shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common; You have to sit inside or on them. It makes the place for kayaking maybe one of the most vital parts of kayaking. Sit on top kayak seats are designed to fit for much of your Comfort and handling when you are kayaking.

A day on the water can change if you use the best kayak seat. It can range from an annoying day to a lovely day on the water. All owners of seated kayaks agree that a convenient place is one of the most important purchases you can make, especially for long trips.

Let’s face it, many places with kayaks leave a lot to be desired. Some don’t even come with a folder or a folder – oh! If you have a sore back, want to take a long trip, or just want to enjoy the plush seat, you can add your place to your boat.

If you spend money on one thing about your kayak, make it your place. An annoying session can ruin your entire weekend and damage your body. Look for a seat with enough padding to make driving easy and stable enough so you can’t get around in rough water.

If your kayak has no better place to kayak, it will interfere with your experience and outface you from the beauty that surrounds you.

Review By Kayak Seats List

  • Pricing 98% 98%
  • Lasting 85% 85%
  • Durability 95% 95%
  • Positive Reviews 88% 88%

Sit on top kayak seats

1. Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC Universal Sit on Top Full Kayak Seat Padded seat

Brooklyn Kayak offers a molded foam seat to sit on the best boats. Compare this with our review of Kerco seated in the upper chair earlier.

The BKC included a huge seat cushion. Like most seats, the backrest has large side wings meant to tilt and support your back when you lean back on the chair, and it’s probably the most comfortable kayak seat you can buy.

They attach directly to customizable straps and brass clips. It means that you can fix the backrest above the kayak for better support.

If you don’t have D-rings in the right places on your boat, consider installing them yourself. It will cost improved overall Comfort! Most kayaks come with multiple D. rings preinstalled.

It is a pure secondary kayak foam seat. It’s difficult to argue with a reasonable price and quality reviews from happy rowers.


  • Stable seat for long paddles
  • High seat
  • The place is firm
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Built with premium materials


  • The chair is not most durable

2. Vibe Kayaks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat

The Vibe Deluxe kayak seat offers Comfort and style as well as all-day support. It equipped with adjustable front and rear straps, protected from ultraviolet rays and is fixed using robust brass latches of marine class.

The seat also has a rear loop, ideal for additional equipment, lunch, or personal items.

It’s the best kayak seat to make sure all of your gear is close at hand. This package includes a bag with a wax coating that will keep your clothes dry – just fill them up and attach them to the seatback, and you’re good to go.

Lumbar support is the key to a pleasant day on the water. The marine-grade brass straps ensure that they stand the test of time, even in conditions of constant salt spray.

Overall, Vibe Kayaks offers a fair, comfortable, and adjustable sit on top kayak seats for days spent on the water.


  • Solid brass connecting snaps
  • Optimize storage
  • Water-resistant
  • Detachable bag
  • Four-way strap design
  • Good level of support


  • A little harder.

3. GTS Sport Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat

This GTS kayak seat has designed explicitly as a mundane seat, meaning it should be suitable for your kayak if it is top. The back is 12.5 inches height and 24 inches in width. 

It consists of molded foam panels. Also, it has come with a big zipped opening following the rear seat. And the seat is added with the kayak with an easily adjustable brass strap and belt clip.

The GTS Sport sit on top kayak seats are a fantastic choice for your kayak. If your list has excellent durability, this place will be a great choice. 

Durable 600 denier fabric is almost immortal. With this chair, you do not have to bother about the tears! The foam pad of this chair lets you join in support and Comfort. Similar to reminiscence foam, this seat is attached to your body for maximum comfort.

The possibility of adjustment is always appreciated. One-hand adjustable kayak straps make it easy to find the right position every time.


  • Thermal-molded foam
  • Brass connector clips
  • Rear pack
  • Suitable for smaller paddlers
  • Multi-position strapping system
  • Affordable


  • Maybe fit for all sit-on-top kayakers.

4. Welugnal Kayak Backrest Boating Seat

This sit on top kayak seats designed to be comfortable everywhere. It meant to last and withstand regular use; due to the quality of the material.

The Welugnal Kayak will take you for long walks on the water. This friendly kayak seat designed to fit in your seated kayak.

The seat is nylon, which has UV protection for durability. The chair weighs 3 pounds. The rear seat measures 18 inches tall and 19 inches wide. The long rear seat fits maximum back support.

The front and rear of the seat have four thick adjustable straps with UV protection. Also, it features snap fasteners made of strong marine-grade brass for a durable connection.

The order includes a removable bag, which has waterproof properties, thanks to the wax coating. You can use the bag as a part of dry products.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fit with most sit-on-top kayaks
  • UV-protected straps
  • Four adjustable straps to provide a custom fit
  • Detachable seat bag
  • Affordable


  • For sit-on-top kayaks only.

5. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

Ocean Kayak is a well-known brand that makes high-quality products. Comfort plus back is one of their best sellers, so let’s see why.

This one is for long periods on the water—the construction and design of this guarantee of durability and longevity.

The solid brass clamps are durable, and this, along with stainless steel springs, makes it easy to attach to your kayak. Also, the belts are adjustable in 4 different ways, which means that you can easily change their position and that others can also use it.

The extra foam cushion attracts the most, and the nylon fabric is UV and wear-resistant.

Also, the Comfort Plus seat has reflective logos that light up in the dark when exposed to the sun. It is an extra safety feature that can be useful if you have not correctly calculated your time on the water!


  • Padded back for Comfort
  • Strong and durable nylon frame
  • Heavy-duty clips
  • Four-way straps adjustability
  • Built-in ventilation system
  • Great back support


  • Can’t be fitted in a sit-in kayak.

6. Surf To Summit GTS Pro Molded Foam Kayak Seat

These Sit on top kayak seats are devised for continuous rowing hours. The base pillow is a huge 2-inch EVA Comfort pillow with a sturdy three-level back, making it the perfect place for any severe whip.

The GTS Pro Kayak is specially designed for professionals. The new chair has a large 2-inch base and the triangular tension system that bolts the seat in position and advances support and Comfort.

GTS Pro was designed primarily for kayak fishers. Advanced features, such as the turbocharger bottom, are suitable for the large chairs that are obvious to numerous modern fishing kayaks.

The extra 2-inch thick EVA foam they attach to the base of the seat reduces leg fatigue and eases fishers to sustain support during a long fishing day.

They made foam back, slightly smaller than the GTS Elite and Expedition, with some support, for the sole purpose of accessing the cable at the rear of the channel and the tank hatch.

This release comes with a fishing kit, but all GTS Pro seats feature a flexible, removable packaging system that gives you access to one of three additional storage settings.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Water-channeling grooves
  • Adjustable-straps
  • Easy access detachable zipper pack
  • Tri-laminated backrests
  • Very comfortable


  • Expensive.


Final Verdict:

The Comfort is a crucial factor when it comes to a kayak seat, so a foam, neoprene, mesh, and rubber seat is ideal. In fact, the sit on top kayak seats provides you the most.

A flexible but sustainable place is a must. If you choose a seat with a mesh back panel, it will also be a big fan. A favorable but breathable back is the right choice.

If this is not possible or does not provide sufficient support, waterproof foam is preferred.

The setting is a useful feature that allows multiple people to enjoy a kayak. It also allows you to change the seat during use so that you can change the rowing position.

Finally, you want to check again if the kayaking spot is compatible with your kayak!