You are ready to kayak, and you have the right kayak, the perfect fishing rod and reel, and the ideal PFD. As soon as the sun starts to rise from the water, you launch your mount trolling motor on kayak to fly into the water startup.

Then the rowing begins, and by the time you get to your honey pot, it is noon. You can quickly go out with a kayak, fishing rod, and reel and have a good time, but if you are a serious fisherman, you will dress your kayak, like many jeep owners.

Make yourself look like you are preparing for battle. There are more bells and whistles for a fishing kayak than for most luxury cars. One of the first things that most people end up with for kayaking is the mount trolling motor to kayak.

With the addition of the trolling motor, you will also need the trolling motor mount for kayak and battery for your trolling motor. These three elements change the rules of kayaking.

For fishers who have to travel long distances, trolling is ideal. Small, durable, and quiet, these electric motors are starting to find their place in the world of kayaking. But choosing the best trolling motor requires some experience.

Review By Trolling Motor List

  • Pricing 98% 98%
  • Lasting 85% 85%
  • Durability 95% 95%
  • Positive Reviews 88% 88%

Mount trolling motor on kayak

1. Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor on kayak

Minn Kota endura transom mount trolling motor on kayak is a trusted name in trolling motors, and their Endura C2 30 should not disappoint. Offering 30 pounds of traction, it has enough power for a kayak.

This best trolling motor has intended for use in freshwater, so if you plan to use saltwater, you can try this engine. However, many people use this engine where it has not meant, and if you decide to do the same, it is best always to rinse it after use and expect corrosion.

The handlebar’s 6-inch telescopic handle lets you control its position. According to many users, the build quality is excellent, and you can expect a smooth operation.

Endura transfers power to its support via a 30-inch fiberglass shaft, and its release has the usual 8 speeds: five forward and three reverse. A simple rotation of the bar accelerates the accelerator, and customers rave about the life of the battery, even at high speeds. It must get fast.

As usual for Minn Kota, quality control is excellent, as is the battery life. Also, the trolling weight is only 17 pounds, which is very crucial for a kayak.


  •  Excellent battery life
  •  Short shaft
  •  Good build quality
  •  Lightweight
  •  Easy to transport
  •  Durable & affordable


  •  Not suitable for saltwater.

2. Newport Vessels Kayak Series 36lb/55lb

The NV series Newport Vessels trolling motor has a 36lb/55lb thrust and very different from many competitors, such as the Motor Guide and Minn Kota. Both brands offer multiple engines with incredible traction, but Newport Vessels provides more options at a lower price.

The main reason Newport ships stand out from the crowd is the cover to saltwater. We cannot say the same for many trolling motors, and many of them cannot use for saltwater. The NV motor is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc to increase performance for produce saltwater electric trolling motor mount.

It is equipped with an adjustable shaft of 24 inches, of fit length, to begin the search for a better kayak electric motor. This feature is also useful, and it is a great feature.

Newport Vessels rests on a fiberglass handle, and its head and foot designed for saltwater electric trolling motor mount. If you wait a long time in bogs, bays, or on the shore, it is worth considering. This electric kayak motor is just as good in streams, rivers, and lakes.

It has stated that the battery life is perfect, mainly at lower speeds. But maybe most importantly, when people had problems, the customer service was excellent.


  • Good battery life
  • Short, adjustable shaft
  • Eight-speed control system
  • Best features at a low cost
  • 36lb/55lb thrust
  • Great customer service


  • Little bit heavy.

3. Watersnake T18 ASP 18 lb. Thrust 12V Electric Trolling Motor

Millions of customers surveyed for watersnake trolling motor for rare performance that lets you easily control the speed. They are very quiet, have a precise control pedal, and can work in the most severe conditions of freshwater and sea fishing.

The T18 ASP is the lightest of all the watersnake mount trolling motor on kayak. It has a micro trans support for secure fixing to lightships and has several alloys which make it very resistant to corrosion.

Underwater foliage and choking plant boats aren’t a problem with this model thanks to the two-bladed propeller, which is strong enough to deal with it effectively.

It can also use in saltwater, but be careful when fishing against the stream. This may not be so good in this regard, given its Lightweight.

This troller is ideal for use on small and light vessels, as it is exceptionally bright. It has infinitely variable speed control and is quite durable.


  • An excellent speed control system
  • Very lightweight
  • Fit for saltwater
  • 24-Inch alloy shaft
  • High and low-speed control
  • Coated for corrosion resistance


  • Not so great with battery.

4. Goplus Electric Trolling Motor 46/55/86 LBS

Electric mount trolling motor on kayak helps control speed and steer easily in the water. It is a great way to sail the seas while fishing. Electric trolling motors are much better than gasoline. Petrol engines are very noisy, hence the need to choose electric motors.

The trolling motor has easily mounted on kayaks, boats, and other small boats. When taking the best electric trolling motors for kayak, there are a few things. Choosing the most powerful engine for small kayaks will always pose control issues.

It is the prime design electric trolling motor with six height-adjustable handle positions. It is a quality screw that allows you to sail in the water smoothly. The propeller comes with three reverse gears and five forward gears to give you full control of the boat.

It has handy controls for easy use. The propeller is designed with three blades to ensure a smooth movement in the water. It can cruise smoothly through grasses and dense underwater swamps.

The trolling motor also has a 10-point LED battery indicator to monitor the amount of battery remaining. Overall, it is a robust and durable electric trolling motor for a kayak with reinforced nylon support for strength and durability.


  • Easy control panel
  • Eight-speed control system
  • 6-adjustable handle length
  • Smooth movement
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Battery Indicator


  • Poor throttle quality.

5. Intex 12V Transom Mount Boat Trolling Motor & Mounting Kit

Some people are concerned about the need to buy cheap small 12-volt trolling motor for a kayak. Since most of the boat parts on the market are now high, a modification of the boat machines has made.

The 12-volt trolling motor was meant for small boats and is much cheaper than its powerful counterparts. If you enjoy sailing or fishing with friends in a small boat, choose a small, energy-efficient and quiet trolling motor.

This 12-volt engine contains five foremost gears, three backward gears and a no-hit indicator. The smooth operation of the Intex Mirror engine is perfect for fishing and does not violate the tranquility of a serene lake!

The Intex engine mounting kit is fit for all Intex inflatable boats with mounting accessories on the back of the ship. 

The engine mount kit places in minutes and extends the Intex inflatable boat. After that, the Intex engine mount kit will be cut and disconnected within a few minutes for safe storage and transportation.

Getting a trolling motor on the inflatable boat is a significant improvement. It makes boating fun for the whole family, and fishing is much more comfortable.


  • Compatible with any inflatable boat
  • DC 12 V Battery
  • Eight-speed control system
  • Fit for Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Best features at a low cost
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for heavy boats.

6. U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor Fishing Boat

Compared to gas outboards, electric outboards offer quieter operation, no exhaust emissions, and no emissions. The electrical kit is excellent as the primary means of the push for small boats.

Gasoline engines are prohibited or otherwise useless. As electric boat trolling motors often used for fishing, they usually referred to as “trolling motors.”

It is created from high-quality materials and offers many boosting, so it is both durable and sturdy. This engine works well and works with most fishing boats.

It also works well without making a lot of noise, so you won’t have to worry about scaring the fish. A merged tree is completely indestructible, so people will expect this item to be durable.

As any experienced fisherman will say, silence is vital when it comes to fishing or fishing, and for this reason; You have to get the best electric boat trolling motor.

The truth is that a jet engine, too much vibration, or a noisy engine will scare the fish away. You will put a lot of effort and time into doing nothing.


  • Stainless steel hardware for saltwater use
  • 28-inch high strength shaft
  • Durable die-cast aluminum head
  • Eight-speed control system
  • 5-inch telescopic handle
  • Affordable


  • Overtime battery will poor.


Final Verdict:

Kayaking is becoming one of the fastest-growing trends today. Kayaking allows you to get into hard to reach places and also for a short time. In fact, the mount trolling motor on kayak will control the speed of your boat.

Fishing kayaks designed for a particular purpose, allow the fisherman to get into the water and make a series of attacks against unsuspecting fish.

Another benefit of the trolling motor is that it allows you to focus on fishing while continuing to move along the water. Of course, you don’t want to handle it when handling your vessel and fisheries. Juggling can also be dangerous when moving around in the water.