Not sure how to choose a kayak? Want to buy a new one? Let’s read this article. That’s because I will give you possible solutions today.            

In general, the choice of a kayak depends on the seriousness of its use and performance. Then we must be careful with several factors. Here we go.

How to choose a kayak

1. Weight is always essential

Although they were cheaper boats, I spent much more time kayaking because they were lighter. But this is because I prefer to kayak.

Lightness is a property that you will appreciate every time you use a kayak. However, like all other sports, buying boats from the latest, lightweight, high-tech materials can cost a lot of money.

2. Sit On Top or Sit Inside

There are two main types of models: “sit on top” or “sit inside.”

Sit On Top models are more robust, and you can quickly enter and exit. They are best for leisure athletes.

Sit inside kayaks are more familiar with serious kayaks, as they are not so easy to enter, but they are designed for white water riding, horseback riding, and models for two people. Also, there are sea kayaks, which are larger and can withstand large waves.

Sit on Top kayaks are more comfortable and faster, but they are also harder to clean. It makes them somewhat unsuitable for fishing.

Sitting-on-top kayaks can be easily removed with a hose, and they are also unsure, which makes them more suitable for use at sea, but slow and cumbersome.

Kayaking is a gratifying activity and is quickly becoming a favorite of many people. I recommend that newcomers or ordinary users sit down; it’s easier and cheaper.

3. The tips you should maintain on kayaking :

  • Find a good kayak store and take lessons. Everyone thinks that he knows how to go kayaking, but he will enjoy it much more if he knows what he is doing.    
  • Try different types of kayaks: some people love only one or two brands, some love everything. You may find the excitement of white water or the calmness of rowing in a shallow lake in the sun, or you may discover intense focus and the ability to catch waves on skis for surfing.    
  • Wear your life vest. Get one that’s comfortable and well ventilated enough, so you don’t mind using it.    
  • Get the right boat for your skills and your mission. A boat overturned for you is not fun and can be dangerous. You do not need a tool blade in your cabin. But you do not need a plastic bath for 300 dollars if you want to fly many miles to lose weight.            
  • Do not double yourself and your wife: get two separate boats. Both will enjoy it more. Sometimes scooters are called “divorce boats” because couples complain and blame the other person for not rowing properly (training can help here too).        

4. Shipment schedule before purchase

The first thing you need to know about owning a kayak is that you should take it home after your purchase. The second thing to remember is that you must immerse them in water to have fun.    

Carrying something as big as a kayak can be difficult for anyone. Most yachts are about ten feet long, but some kayaks can reach up to 18 feet! Do not make the mistake of spending all your money on boats that you cannot carry.        

Your kayak options usually include :


  •         Buy an expensive foldable boat that fits any vehicle.
  •         Buy a trailer for your boat.
  •         Add the trunk to your car, and it will cost me about 1000 dollars.
  •         I have a truck instead of a car.

5. The form must follow function

Since I had to prepare for the transportation of my kayaks, I initially bought very cheap yachts from significant sports stores. When I got the opportunity to transport them to different waters, I began to expect kayaks with special functions for specific purposes, such as kayaking. Fortunately, small companies that sell high-quality kayaks usually offer demo days, so you can try them before you buy them.        

5. Each ship is a series of commitments

No kayak is perfect for any occasion. Some features can make it harder to use and enjoy the kayak. Do not think that you need a kayak with a helmet. This feature can be useful in windy conditions, but it can be challenging to work and add weight. I prefer paddles, anchors, strollers, etc. when I do not need these functions.                  

Other features are critical. Perhaps the most important thing is to buy this comfortable seat, which depends on each kayak!    


Final Verdict:

I like to think of a kayak as a bicycle. It gives you a delicate balance between fast and slow movement and relaxation, long or short trips, relatively simple setup and maintenance, truly incredible access to nature or a unique view of the city and the ability to take everything very informally or very seriously at the same time, so choose best to enjoy all these moments.           

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